Faith Amour

Hello, I’m faith Amour. Life is a full circle. After beginning her jazz career in New York and winning the 2013 New Mexico Music Award for Best Vocal Performance, singer/songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist Faith Amour has returned home to Canada to share her brand new highly acclaimed album, “Bright Eyes”.

The songs share a narrative thread of love, adventure and hope, at times sassy and at other times, wistful. Amour wrote over half of the songs on the album, in English, French and Brazilian Portuguese.
Since her return, Amour has appeared alongside Canada’s foremost jazz instrumentalists, including Mark Kieswetter, Ross McIntyre, Dave Restivo, Robi Botos and Neil Swainson. Her live performances are riveting, paying tribute to renowned jazz visionaries like Ella Fitzgerald and Gretchen Parlato. She blends the old with the new and keeps the genre fresh with innovative and whimsical delivery – different every single performance, creating an intimate atmosphere all her own – every time.